About us

Sonthichai(son) loves cooking ,he was often to help his mother cooking,when he was young .His family is farmer,They live at small village about 20 kms from Chiangmai city.Son has gotten a lot of techniques for cooking and farming tips from his parent,He had been boddhist monk for 8 year .Son has gotten diploma in hospitality , foods and beverages at Chiang Mai college . He had been worked for waiter and chef different restaurant in Chiang Mai city . In April 2014,having obtained a certificate in Thai foods cooking for tourist at Chiangmai center for skill Development.His passion and love for foods and farming. make that, He decided to open a Thai cooking classes at his home and growing organic vegetables and herbs for fresh ingredients in 2 acres of his garden .It is the excellent experience for you to learn authentic Thai foods with farm to table cooking classes .He is pleased to share his experiences to you.Son and Tien(his wife) have 2 children .Fresh,He is 17 years old and Fah,She is 10 years old.The both of them like to help parent work . You can see them, when they have days off from school. Son&Tien are, also have 2 nieces of staff,Pam and Preaw to help them .