The Best Experience Thai Cooking Clases With Farm To Table At The Serene Outside Chiang Mai City

At our garden,We grow various organic vegetables, herbs and fruits for healthy foods. These are the main of ingredients of Thai cooking, being aromatic,colourful and full of flavor, where you will be able to walk, teste and pick fresh ingredients.

Our home is located in small village in the countryside. It is

approximately 20 kms from the city. You will escape from the bustling City and drive into vegetables and paddy farms after,visiting the local fresh market.In our home cooking classes,you will learn how to use, select, prepare and cook Thai foods with fresh ingredients from our organic garden.You will have your own cooking station in the Thai style kitchen and enjoy to cook 6 deferent dishes for your meal(You can take home some dish) in the pavilion with the view of garden.



– HALFDAY 4 COURSES (Morning/Evening)


We would be please to share our experience of Thai foods and Culture,which go hand in hand. Afterwards you’ll leave with a deeper Understanding of our rich heritage.